FeaturesWhat's under the hood?

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Data Integrity → Manage every field with regular expressions → Keep digital images of IDs and PPI → Add fields required by your local laws → Sanctions List Management → IDs and PPI required for customers in any Sanction list → Sanction list screening by Group of Countries → Black, Grey and white lists Capabilities → Ability to find/search for a customer and add to any list → Consumer Matching → Each unique consumer should be identified at the time of the transaction and assigned a “Consumer ID” → Business Rules Management → Request digital images of IDs and PPI for any aggregation transaction → Different queues for reviewing transactions



Pen-tested proved → Audit Logs → Two Factor authentication for Agents → Fingerprint authentication for Customer and Agents → Password Management tools



FX parameters (Buy Rate, Base Rate, Maximum Rate, and Minimum Rate) at currency, paying agent level, category groups → Ability to calculate the FX Margin → Ability to calculate the Net FX rate based on the different parameters available → Log changes in every FX control parameters setup → FX Category Groups



Multilingual Interface → Cancellation Process → Amend Process → Agent Balance Module → Agent Reports → Agencies Management → Notifications Queues → Authorization delay option → User profiles management → News module → Users Management→ Support for multiple Brands


Regulatory & Reporting

WYSIWYG Receipt Design Management → Multilingual receipts with granular assignament → HTML and PDF Receipts → Sales Reports → Finance Reports → Custom Report Builder


Fees & Commisions

Groups for fees and commissions, fixed value and percentage → Generate fee reports → Fees at any agent level → Fees authorization functionality → A log is included to maintain all changes